Maria Florkiewicz
30/55/100 November 26, 2016 VOLUNTEERS Carol Thompson, Laurie Underwood, Nina Barnett, Tim & Lara Worden, Mayona Austin, Lily, Theresa Valliant, Penny Markle, JD Fountain, Junior the Trail Master, Jeremy, Shane 30 MILES 21 starting, 18 finishing Winner : Comets Royal Flush ridden by Johnny Petras BC : Lran-A-Anukett ridden by Patricia L. Jackson 1 02:49...
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Most riders  would  not  start a ride with  a lame  horse. Even if they wanted to try, the  vets would  not  allow the horse to start. On the other hand, many  riders, most  unknowingly start a ride with a partially dehydrated horse. Yet, there is more and more evidence that pre-ride dehydration may be far...
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Welcome to our new website and I hope everyone is enjoying a festive holiday season! Minor tweaks on this site will occur over the course of the next few months, which is common. Therefore, the site is complete, and we are mainly just filling it up with content.  So, please be patient! The items that...
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