Welcome to our new website and I hope everyone is enjoying a festive holiday season!

Minor tweaks on this site will occur over the course of the next few months, which is common. Therefore, the site is complete, and we are mainly just filling it up with content.  So, please be patient! The items that need to be posted will get posted.

We also have an Ad Hoc website committee.  Denise Secino has graciously stepped forward as the Chairperson of this committee. Her members are: Ruth Ann Pivirotto, Jodie Moore, Leah Greenleaf, and Donna Shoaf.  The duties of this committee are:

  1. To manage and supervise all aspects of the website, and
  2. Responsible to investigate and verify all concerns presented to them by the BOD or members to the president and the BOD with a recommendation.

At our last BOD meeting, which was Sunday December 4th, we discussed collecting photos from our members. This is not mandatory; you do not have to submit a photo. If you choose to participate, you may send a picture of yourself, your horse, and you and your horse. If you are riding more than one horse, you may also submit the other horse. These photos will be used at the end of year awards. Please make sure that you have the authorization to use the photos on the website. For those of you that have been inducted into the Hall of Fame either as Horse and Rider team, Rider, or your Horse has been inducted, you may submit a photo, and the photo will be added to the HOF gallery. Please make sure that all photos are labeled, and what you are submitting them for such as: end of year awards or HOF. Send all photos through email to Lindy Griffith labeled SEDRA, and she will put the photos in a file. Her email address is lgriff6540@aol.com.

The website is looking good, and all the positive feedback we received was greatly appreciated!

Also, I want to remind all members that you need to start thinking about the Special Awards and Hall of Fame write-ups. Remember: the nomination with the write-up needs to be received by March 31st of 2017.

I wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a joyous, prosperous New Year!

Maria Florkiewicz
SEDRA President


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