Goethe Gallivant FEI 1*, 2* Ride Results

This ride has changed locations in that it was the Greenway Gallivant last year near Dunnellon. We are moving to Tidewater Trails so that we have a covered pavilion and electricity. This ride is both SEDRA and SERA sanctioned and will be a Friday/Saturday ride. We have a new food vendor lined up so come join us for the south end of the Goethe Forest.

Ride Type(s);  IDR, Limited Distance, Endurance

Distances:  25/50/75, Intro ride both days

Date(s): January 6-7, 2017

Forest and Ride Camp Location: Tidewater Trailhead, Goethe State Forest, CR 336/337 Dunnellon, FL 34433;

Ride Manager: Cheryl Van Deusen

Ride Manager Phone

Ride Manager EMail

Head Control Judge: Jennifer Madera

Control Vet EMail

Control Judge: Melissa Ribley

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