Awards & Achievements

Awards (2015-2016)

2015-2016 Lifetime Mileage Achievement Awards
250 Mile Volunteers – Lindsay Campbell, Peggy Primicerio, Vicky Thompson, Linda Winkel
250 Mile Horses – A Fair Chance (Maris Ramsay), Chief Tebow (Lindy Griffith), Heat N Glos Two Foxy (Lucy LeMay), Nazeef’s Flashy Rose (Cheryl Van Deusen), PD Cat A Hoolah (Betty Dwyer), WMA Afterburner (Darlene Krell), Yoda Eclipsis Sinsonte (Ed Casillas)
250 Mile Riders – Lindy Griffith, Paul King, Lucy LeMay, Wendy MacCoubrey, Erica Martel, Deb Morse, Hannah Moss, Jane Moss, Brooks Prater, Caren Risley, Judy Shaw, Michelle Shearer, Meg Sleeper, McKinsey Ware,  Savannah Wilson, Amelia Young
500 Mile Volunteers – Paul King, Ed Oathoat, Cindy Nourse
500 Mile Horses – By The Beach (Jo Harder), Fudjr (Peggy Primicerio), Koweta Fair Play (Kathy Burnett), LHA Caution Tape (Debbie Parsons), Magnifica Masterpiece (Cheryl Van Deusen), Mariah (Vickie Doler Griffis), Nazeef’s Flashy Rose (Cheryl Van Deusen), PD Cat A Hoolah (Betty Dwyer),
500 Mile Riders – Abbey Crenshaw, Betty Dwyer, Linda Kropp, Wendy MacCoubrey, Jane Moss, Brooks Prater, Aubrey Williams, Amelia Young
1000 Mile Volunteers – Maris Ramsay, Doug Shearer
1000 Mile Horses – Mr Sapphire RS (Roxanne Ciccone), Rambeaux (Brenda O’Donnell), Slim Pickens (Caren Stauffer), TLC Chatta (Sue Niedoroda)
1000 Mile Riders – Julie Anthony, Connie Caudill, Hannah Crenshaw, Hilda Donahue, Lisanne Dorion, Peggy Primicerio, Bill Rice
1500 Mile Horses – Hailey’s Comet (Leah Greenleaf), Masterpiece Vlad (Mallory Capps), Snake Eyes Leroy (Cheryl Van Deusen)
1500 Mile Riders – Kathy Burnett, Leah Greenleaf, Juliane Philip, Kelsey Russell
2000 Mile Horses – Spotless Summer Magic (Cheryl Van Deusen)
2000 Mile Riders – Katherine Capps, Valerie Kanavy, Kelsey Russell
2500 Mile Horses– Teese (Yvette Vinton), Torpedo Masterpiece (Cheryl Van Deusen)
2500 Mile Riders – Cindy Nourse, Denise Secino
3000 Mile Horses – Hoover the Mover (Cheryl Van Deusen), Precious Beaunita (Cheryl Van Deusen), PW September Hero (Patsy Gowen)
3000 Mile Riders – Mallory Capps
3500 Mile Volunteers – Susan Kasemeyer, Laurie Underwood, Cheryl Van Deusen
3500 Mile Riders – Patsy Gowen
4000 Mile Volunteers – Susan Kasemeyer
4000 Mile Horses – Pocita De Cosa Dulce (Lindsay Campbell)
4500 Mile Volunteers –Susan Kasemeyer
4500 Mile Riders– Chris Littlefield
5500 Mile Riders – Kyle Gibbon
6000 Mile Volunteers – Carolyn Maillard
6000 Mile Riders – Lindsay Campbell, Jewel Griffin, Cassandra Roberts
7000 Mile Rider – Maris Ramsay
8500 Mile Rider – Megan Savory-Davis
12,000 Mile Volunteer-Carol Thompson
13,000 Mile Volunteer – Carol Thompson
14,000 Mile Volunteer – Carol Thompson
21,000 Mile Rider – Cheryl Van Deusen

THANK YOU, Award Sponsors Black Prong Equestrian Center, The Distance Depot, The Randi Lavikoff Fund, Jewell Griffin, Lucy LeMay, Maris Ramsay, Megan Savory-Davis

Top 20 Volunteers (Sponsored by Megan Savory-Davis) – Lindsay Campbell, Tom Florkiewicz, Leah Greenleaf, Valerie Kanavy, Susan Kasemeyer, Carolyn Maillard, Wes Maillard, Ed Oathout, Julianne Philip, Shawn Polke, Peggy Primicerio, Maris Ramsay, John Shaw, Doug Shearer, Penny Staffney, Carol Thompson, Vicky Thompson, Sherry Tornwall, Laurie Underwood, Cheryl Van Deusen, Linda Winkel

Versatility Awards – Koweta Fairplay (Kathy Burnett), Heat N Glos Two Foxy (Lucy LeMay), Nazeef’s Flashy Rose (Cheryl Van Deusen), Precious Beaunita (Cheryl Van Deusen), PS Marquessa (Darlene Krell), Spotless Summer Magic (Cheryl Van Deusen), Strawbhairi Shaikh (Linda Kropp), Windstalker (Denise Secino)

SEDRA 100 Mile Futurity – Torpedo Masterpiece (Cheryl Van Deusen)

SEDRA Longevity Award for Consistent Equine Excellence for a Decade – FM Spirit Wind and Shar-Po, both owned by Roxanne Ciccone

SEDRA Team Longevity Award, Partners for a Decade – Roxanne Ciccone and FM Spirit Wind, Roxanne Ciccone and Shar-Po

2015-2016 High Point Awards
AHA High Point CTR for 2015 – AM Radiant Force (Jean Shaw)
AHA Half Arab – Snake Eyes Leroy (Cheryl Van Deusen)
Rookie Rider CTR – 1st April Alonso, 2nd Claire Duvall, 3rd Jackie Phillips
SEDRA Mentor Challenge – Leah Greenleaf
SEDRA Rookie Challenge – Claire DuVall, Shawn Polke
Novice Rider CTR – 1st McKinsey Ware, 2nd Judy Shaw, 3rd Johnathan Brooks, 4th Caren Risley
Rookie and Novice Rider Endurance – 1st Brooks Prater, 2nd Hannah Moss, 3rd McKinsey Ware, 4th April Alonso
Junior Rider CTR (Sponsored by Jewell Griffin) – 1st McKinsey Ware, 2nd Amelia Young, 3rd Johnathan Brooks, 4th Claire Duvall
Junior Rider Endurance – 1st Amelia Young, 2nd Brooks Prater, 3rd Hunter Green, 4th Hannah Moss,5th McKinsey Ware, 6th Aubrey Williams
Junior Rider Limited Distance Endurance – 1st Aubrey Williams, 2nd Brooks Prater, 3rd McKinsey Ware,4th Claire DuVall, 5th Amelia Young, 5th Michael Bishop, 5th Hannah Moss
Senior Rider CTR –  1st Kathy Burnett, 2nd Chris Littlefield, 3rd Peggy Primicerio,  4th Cheryl Van Deusen,   5th Darlene Krell, 6th Steve Rojek
Senior Rider Endurance – 1st Kelsey Russell, 2nd Cheryl Van Deusen, 3rd Meg Sleeper, 4th Hilda Donahue, 5th Jane Moss, 6th Wendy MacCoubrey
Rookie Horse CTR – 1st PS Marquessa (Darlene Krell) 2nd Heat N Glos Two Foxy (Lucy LeMay)
Novice Horse CTR – 1st Nazeef’s Flashy Rose (Cheryl Van Deusen), 2nd Pistol (Judy Shaw)
Novice Horse Endurance – 1st WMA Afterburner (Darlene Krell), 2nd Nazeef’s Flashy Rose (Cheryl Van Deusen)
High Point Arab CTR (sponsored by Maris Ramsey) – Koweta Fair Play (Kathy Burnett)
Reserve High Point Arab CTR – Road Runner (Steve Rojek)
High Point Half Arab CTR – PS Marquessa (Darlene Krell)
Reserve High Point Half Arab CTR – Blaze O’Glory (Maria Florkiewicz)
High Point Unregistered CTR – Pistol (Judy Shaw)
Reserve High Point Unregistered CTR – Cobra (Johnathan Brooks)
High Point Registered CTR (Sponsored by Lucy LeMay) – Chiron (Chris Littlefield)
Reserve High Point Registered CTR – TLC Chatta (Sue Niedoroda)
High Point Arab Endurance – Hoover the Moover (Cheryl Van Deusen)
Reserve High Point Arab Endurance – Streak Afire TTF (Jane Moss)
High Point Half Arab Endurance – Snake Eyes Leroy (Cheryl Van Deusen)
Reserve High Point Half Arab Endurance – My Wild Irish Gold (Kelsey Russell)
High Point Unregistered Endurance – Farley (Chris Littlefield)
High Point Registered Endurance (Sponsored by Lucy LeMay) (TIE) – Pocita De Cosa Dulce (Lindsay Campbell),  Astaciana de Alrena (Ed Casillas)
Limited Distance – 1st Heat N Glos Two Foxy (Lucy LeMay)/200, 2nd Streak Afire TTF (Jane Moss)/190, 3rd Nazeef’s Flashy Rose (Cheryl Van Deusen)/175, 4th Zandee Bey (Michelle Shearer)/150, 5th Gaila Whisper (Aubrey Williams)/125, 5th Hailey’s Comet (Leah Greenleaf)/125, 5th Pocita De Cosa Dulce (Lindsay Campbell)/125, 5th RC Neon (Bill Rice)/125, 5th Strawbhairi Shaikh (Linda Kropp)/125, 5th Om El Fidelmo (Hannah Moss)/125, 5th Zahen Coraleo Sinsonte (Lindsay Campbell)/125)
Overall Mileage – 1st Hoover the Mover (Cheryl Van Deusen)/600, 2nd  Streak Afire TTF (Jane Moss)/560, 3rd Spotless Summer Magic (Cheryl Van Deusen)/475, 4th Nazeef’s Flashy Rose (Cheryl Van Deusen)/420, 5th Precious Beaunita (Cheryl Van Deusen)/415,6th Snake Eyes Leroy (Cheryl Van Deusen)/410, 7th Koweta Fair Play (Kathy Burnett)/392, 8th Mr Sapphire RS (Roxanne Ciccone)/385, 9th Ebs Regal Maajjan (Cheryl Van Deusen)/375, 10th Faarich (Deb Morse)/365
Overall Endurance (Sponsored by the Randi Lavikoff Fund) – Grand Champion Hoover the Mover (Cheryl Van Deusen), Reserve Champion Streak Afire TTF (Jane Moss), 1st Snake Eyes Leroy (Cheryl Van Deusen), 2nd Tans Terminator (Connie Caudill), 3rd My Wild Irish Gold (Kelsey Russell), 4th Spotless Summer Magic (Cheryl Van Deusen), 5th Coup (Gayle King), 6th Ebs Regal Maajjan (Cheryl Van Deusen)
Overall Competitive Trail (Sponsored by the Randi Lavikoff Fund) – Grand Champion Koweta Fair Play (Kathy Burnett), Reserve Champion Chiron (Chris Littlefield), 1st PS Marquessa (Darlene Krell), 2nd Road Runner (Steve Rojek), 3rd Blaze O’ Glory (Maria Florkiewicz), 4th PD Cat A Hoolah (Betty Dwyer), 5th Seyvilla TriProof (Sierra Ellis), 6th Precious Beaunita (Cheryl Van Deusen)

Achievements (2014-2015)

Congratulations to our 2014 – 2015 Hall of Fame Winners!

Rider: Donna Shoaf
Horse: FM Spirit (Roxanne Ciccone)
Team: Majeco & Maria Florkiewicz
Exemplary Persons: Leah Greenleaf and Debbie Price

Awards (2014-2015)