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SEDRA President Chris Littlefield

March 2018 Newsletter

March has started with a BANG! There are rides every weekend or so it seems, the weather is near perfect, horses are full of spring silliness and the flowers and trees are blooming. Spring is in the air!
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February 2018 Newsletter

Happy Valentine’s Month! What a month it will be with love in the air, the sun staying up a bit longer and the temperature starting to rise. Next thing you know, spring grass will be popping up all over. Not soon enough at my place.
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January 2018 Newsletter

As endurance competitors, I think most of us set similar goals such as: reevaluating our fitness plan, competing in longer distances successfully, possibly starting a new horse and becoming a better horse person for the sake of our mounts.
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December 2017 Newsletter

November flew by with several great rides offered in different locations. I had the opportunity to compete at the Blackwater Boogie. This was Indy’s 1st 50 5 years ago. He did outstanding this year and I couldn’t have been any prouder.
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November 2017 Newsletter

November… the time of year that evokes thankfulness. We’re thankful the weather has finally cooled down, competitions have started back in the SE that hopefully will not have triple digit heat indexes and celebrating Thanksgiving with our loved ones.
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October 2017 Newsletter

September is gone and soon (not soon enough!) the sweltering heat and humidity and the lingering effects of Irma. Most of our membership only suffered the loss of power and the unrewarding task of picking up sticks. Others lost fences, roof corners and gained a pond in their pasture for a short period of time....
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September 2017 Newsletter

SEPTEMBER 2017 The end of August has certainly challenged our neighbors in Texas. I know the horse community extended their help by offering pastures and stables for horses and places to stay for their owners as they weather the storm. The Red Cross has been a blessing as well. Sadly, the destruction from Harvey will...
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August 2017 Newsletter

Our first BOD meeting of the year was well attended and full of positive energy. Changes approved included a new web host.  Our ad hoc committee interviewed 2 hosts that committee members were comfortable with and who were willing to provide the services we really needed. In the end, TCMC Interactive was awarded the contract...
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July 2017 Newsletter

As the new President of SEDRA, I have a desire to make a positive difference just like those before me. Our annual meeting and awards banquet was well attended and as always, full of fun and lively conversation. All the proposed rule changes were voted in, new BOD members have accepted their positions and all...
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