Whether winning, completing or almost-but-not-quite making it, distance trail riding events should be a fun and rewarding experience for horse and rider. It provides the joy of many miles on the trail and knowing that rider and horse as a team are fit to do more than they thought possible.
Let's Get Started!

We encourage you to join SEDRA, get all the up to date information on trail news, horse health issues, training rides, tack information, etc. right here on on the South Eastern Distance Riders Association website! If you are looking for a club to that shares your same interests, not only in riding long distances, recreational or competitive, but learning all aspects of the sport, sharing knowledge while making new and maintaining friendships, this is what SEDRA has to offer!

There are several ways to get started with distance riding:

Volunteer at one of our sanctioned rides! What a great opportunity to get involved in a sport where you can breathe fresh air, learn the aspects of distance riding and earn volunteer awards all at the same time!

You can also interact with other distance riders on our Facebook Page and Distance Riding Group on Facebook!

Attend one of our Rookie Clinics.  At the clinic, you will learn about:

  • Preparing you and your horse for distance riding, including conditioning and much more
  • Equipping you and your horse for success
  • What happens at during the ride, including vetting

In addition, the event includes a mock ride / IDR so that you and your horse can experience a small-scale distance ride.

Take advantage of these benefits!

  • Sanctioned Competitive Trail, Driving and Endurance Rides
  • Introductory Distance Fun Rides and Clinics
  • Junior, Rookie, Light, Middle, Heavyweight, Introductory Distance, Driving and Mileage Only Divisions
  • Published Set of Competitive Trail Riding Rules
  • Lifetime Mileage Accrual for Horses
  • Lifetime Mileage Accrual for Riders
  • Annual Membership Directory
  • Annual Educational Seminar
  • Annual Awards Banquet
  • Annual Membership Meetings/Elections
  • Year-End High Point and Special Awards that include all Distance Disciplines
  • Annual Mileage Accrual Awards
  • Annual SEDRA Hall of Fame Awards
  • Volunteer Program
  • Informative Website with distance riding calendar, articles, membership perks and more!

News & Events

Get the latest SEDRA news and events!

September 2019 Newsletter

No matter how early we get out and try to speed through a 10-mile training ride, the humidity just slaps you up one side and down the other as soon as you untack. We’re thankful for trail heads with water spigots and shade.
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Rider Fitness – Nine Tips to Stay on Your Game as an Older Rider

Whatever your riding discipline is, and whatever your age, I found that the tips made a nice conversion into tips for success with rider fitness. This month, we'll cover what these nine tips can mean for your workout- and body care- success.
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August 2019 Newsletter

Summer is moving along and many of us can’t wait to start competing again! The SEDRA ride calendar is already full of multiple rides for you to choose from. Now is the perfect time to get your horse, your trailer, your tow vehicle and yourself ready for travel and competitions. I’ve emptied and cleaned out...
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Featured Videos

If you’ve never thought about entering an Endurance ride or Competitive Trail ride, these videos might convince you to try it. Do you dream of spending all day with your horse? Do you love discovering new trails and taking on the challenge of varied terrain? Do you believe that there’s no such thing as too...
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July 2019 Newsletter

What a time was had at the annual membership meeting and awards ceremony! First, thank you to everyone who made time out of their day to participate! The room was full to capacity. Sure it was “intimate” in size to begin with, but we truly did fill‘er up.
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Tips for Greener Horse Trails

Even out in the great wide-open there are things we horse owners can do to reduce our impact on the environment and take care of natural resources.
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From our riders!

  • WATER….WATER…WATER!! Invest in a good water bottle holder. Take water with you at all times when riding, drink whenever your horse drinks and more often …

    Take a bandana with you when you ride. Tie it around your neck. If you get too hot – pour some water on it and tie it back around your neck… it will help you cool off!

    Those holes in your helmet make a great place to pour water in!

  • You do not need to trot, trot, trot. The canter is a perfectly acceptable gait and for some horses, it’s easier on them than trotting.

  • Nylon Panty hose have worked wonders for me. No more rubs!! (Under your jeans, ole man). TRY IT… no one will know but you!

  • Heart Rate Monitor – Don’t put off this important purchase. I debated for several years and now wish I had when I was first learning the sport. It is a wonderful safety aid that can help keep you from harming your horse.

  • Take care of yourself so you can take care of your mount.
    Wear the clothes for the job.
    Keep hydrated before the fact.
    Keep the circulation going.
    Keep fit.
    Take care of yourself and above all – watch for the Trail Markers!

    Painless Rider
  • Stop and help someone if they need it. Your turn needing assistance is just around the corner.

    I got your back!
  • Make sure your horse is ok with the sponge on a string BEFORE you get to the ride.

  • On long rides, crotch chafing can cause that first visit to the outhouse to be a stoic affair. Coat the area with Vaseline KY Jelly or whatever. Take a jar or tube with you to the ride. Use Body Glide for places that rub–both horse and rider. Pomade (hair wax) also works well.

  • Sponges are very cheap at Home Depot or Lowes…big ones (found .in the flooring and tile department). They hold a lot of water. Some have a slightly abrasive side which is helpful in getting the mud off your horse’s legs and belly! Always keep one on your saddle… never take if off except to use it!

  • Be kind to yourself, your horse, and others and have a good time. That is all that matters in the big picture.

  • My electrolyte recipe that I have used for 20 years:
    1 part salt +1 part lite salt + 1/2 part dolomite
    mix with yogurt, baby carrots, or applesauce and water
    1 dose is one film canister. Mix and use large syringe to administer.

  • Ask questions. Everyone is very polite and informative. All are happy to share regardless of how ridiculous the question.

    ? ? ?