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We are the best resource for distance riding in the south east!
Getting Started with SEDRA!

We encourage you to join SEDRA, get all the up to date information on trail news, horse health issues, training rides, tack information, etc. right here on on the South Eastern Distance Riding Association website! If you are looking for a club to that shares your same interests, not only in riding long distances, recreational or competitive, but learning all aspects of the sport, sharing your knowledge while making new and maintaining friendships, this is what SEDRA has to offer!

You can also interact with other distance riders on our:
SEDRA Yahoo! chat group!  

The best way to get started with distance riding is to attend one of our Rookie Clinics.  At the clinic, you will learn about:

  • Preparing you and your horse for distance riding, including conditioning and much more
  • Equipping you and your horse for success
  • What happens at during the ride, including vetting

In addition, the event includes a mock ride / IDR so that you and your horse can experience a small-scale distance ride.

News & Events

Get the latest SEDRA news and events!

Autumn Gallop at Dunns Creek

Put the leftover turkey in the fridge and head over to Autumn Gallop at Dunns Creek State Park. Dunns Creek is located in Putnam County, just over the Marion County line. Excellent footing on trails that meander through Dunns Creek State Park.
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Hello Fellow SEDRA Members!

Time is flying by, as we are currently in our 2016-2017 SEDRA ride season.  The 2015-2016 ride season was good for some, and for some of us, we are hoping this season will be better. Lack of communication has been an issue this year, which is the reason for this mail out and the mass...
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Keeping Your Horse Hydrated

In a perfect world, our horses would always be well hydrated. Keeping your horse hydrated is an important part of keeping your horse healthy at home and on the trail. Traveling with horses can start them down the trail to dehydration. Many horses don’t drink or don’t drink enough while they are on the trailer....
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From our riders!

  • Kudos to Ride Manager Leah Greenleaf on this past weekend’s Greenway Getaway, the trails were awesome, great turnout, delicious food/dessert was delightful with a dash of cool whip! Very organized ride; for those who like to ride in the heat, Friday was the day to ride. For those who like it cold, Saturday fit right in! BE sure to place this ride on your calendar for next year! A VERY BIG THANK YOU TO ALL THE VOLUNTEERS that made this happen

    Caren S.
  • Everyone I have met at SEDRA have been awesome to work and ride with! The events are well put together and areas we ride in around Central Florida are awesome! Can’t wait for the next ride!