SEDRA Hall of Fame!


Rider: Kyle Querrey

Kyle has over 6000 competition miles in SEDRA (plus many more that were accrued prior to his becoming a SEDRA member). He has competed and continues to compete very successfully in both endurance and competitive trail. He has competed in endurance in many regions in the US, in several distance organizations, as well as internationally in FEI. He has numerous 100-mile rides, numerous top ten completions, including first places, and at least 13 BCs to his credit. He has completed 169 out of 198 starts (43 out of 56 100s). He has many more competitive trail miles and awards from competing around the country. Kyle takes care of the horses he competes, taking into consideration the condition of the horse, the terrain and other mitigating factors. His horsemanship is very good; it’s a pleasure to watch him ride. His horses travel relaxed and willingly move forward. Kyle is very respectful to other horses, riders and crew members. It’s a rare day that his positive attitude is not evidenced by his bright smile and can-do demeanor. Kyle has shared his expertise with other riders and has mentored quite a few through their first 50, 75, or 100-mile rides. He has also ridden less experienced horses in these events to assist in their conditioning and confidence building. Kyle is certainly a role model for what a distance rider should be.

Equine: Hoover the Mover

Owner Cheryl Van Deusen  Hoover has over 5480 endurance miles plus two more 100 mile FEI only rides that do not show up on his AERC record. He has completed 22 or 24 100 mile rides with an overall completion rate of 85/92 and 7 Best Conditions. He also has 250 LD miles and numerous CTR miles as well . He is in the AERC decade club, the SEDRA Partners Club, and was also on the 2018 USA team for the World Endurance Games. In 2019 he was USEF National Champion. He is kind hearted and has been a steady mount for many years, including taking care of Young Riders, international riders, but mostly teamed up with his owner and breeder, Cheryl. Although he is still actively at work, he deserves this honor, and thank you for your consideration.


Exemplary Person: Deborah Walker

Deborah Walker LOVES TO RIDE. For SEDRA and other trail organizations, she also loves to help.

    My neighbor and friend, Deborah Walker started riding at competitions at the horse park because she had no way to haul. On her first ride, Shelley Scott Jones asked her to assist me through the last part of the ride when my heart started to act up and I wasn’t sure I could go on.

With her help, we finished the ride.

    Since then, Deborah has ridden my horses in competitions. She has cleared and marked trails with me. In fact, Deborah has never stopped helping me or many others.

    When Deborah was younger and prior to distance riding, she helped at stables and exercise rode Thoroughbreds in training at the track.

     We have trained together for many years now. We have also travelled together to rides in Virginia, Tennessee and South Carolina. At our ride in Tennessee this past season her rescue horse Chance won the LD and received Best Condition.

    She has endured many injuries and have not let them get in her way. She is TOUGH. Before she retired, she rode in the dark prior to her postal job to keep her horses in shape.

Her life is RIDING. She has helped many riders get started in the sport of endurance. Now retired, she recently hosted the distance riding clinic which was very successful.

   She mentors new riders through training rides. Her spirit of giving back to the sport resonates through the rookies she has mentored as they all have attended trail workdays and/or volunteered at rides.

Deborah will help anyone that asks (and when you don’t, she asks you). -Doug Shearer, DVM

~ Deborah Walker is a true devoted endurance girl! Deb is known for her beautiful black Arabians gliding down the trail.

~A faithful volunteer on every trail cleanup with her mighty chainsaw.

~Debbie put on a clinic with newbies and those students went on to become successful 25 milers hoping to move up in mileage.

Deborah is a caring and loving girl who loves doing endurance. -Elaine Lemiuex


Horse and Rider: Coup and Gayle King 

Coup and Gayle have been a team for 9 seasons and approximately 3000 SEDRA competition miles. They have competed in both endurance and competitive trail with impressive results. In endurance they have completed 51 of 61 rides and were awarded BC three times. They have had top ten placements numerous times and at least 6 wins. Their CTR stats include many miles and several awards as well. Coup and Gayle definitely have a bond. Coup is very attentive and calm when with Gayle and she works with him quietly and calmly. With Gayle riding him, Coup goes willingly and confidently down the trail. When being handled on the ground, especially in CTR competition, Coup actively seeks Gayle’s leadership, responding eagerly to her requests. The team is equally as considerate and respectful of others on the trail and in ride camp as they are of each other. After each competition Gayle takes care to make sure her partner is settled in his pen and comfortable prior to seeing to her own needs. This team is an exemplary representation of cooperation and respect. They are a true pleasure to watch and to interact with.


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2020-21Hoover the Mover (Cheryl Van Deusen)Kyle QuerreyCoup and Gayle King Deborah Walker
2019-20Boomer (Debbie Holt)N/ADenise Secino & WindstalkerChris Littlefield
2018-19Teese (Yvette Vinton)Lindsay CampbellChris Littlefield & FarleyCheryl Van Deusen
2017-18Majeco (Maria Florkiewicz)Yvette VintonEd Casillas & Obrizo Juan Sinsonte
2016-17Precious Beaunita (Van Deusen)Butch DuvalJohn Shaw & Locamotion LassieVickie Thompson
2015-16Farley (Littlefield)Ruthann PivirottoStephanie Sutch & GHP Baile HillTom and Maria Florkiewicz
2014-15FM Spirit Wind (Ciccone)Donna ShoafMaria Florkiewicz & MajecoLeah Greenleaf & Debbie Price
2013-14SA Csea Mistral (Ramsay)Cheryl Van DeusenLindsay Campbell and Pocita De Cosa DulceButch and Sam Duval
2012-13Silko Desert Rain (Shoaf)Wes MaillardNorma Caron & FrenchifyJackie Baker
2011-12Ebony Cassanova (Van Deusen)Stephanie BishopRoxanne Ciconne & Shar-poJean & John Saw
2010-11Leo De Vez (Campbell)Debbie ParsonsJodie Moore & Hadar's Cat BalouHelen Koehler
2009-10AU Temptress (Thomas/Roberts)Deena MeyerDonna Shoaf & Silko Desert RainShelley Scott-Jones
2008-09Auburn Flame (McMahon)Steve RojekDorothy Zay & Smoke Rise DendaraCarol Thompson
2007-08Sanyati (Davis)Randi LavikoffVickie Doler & Midnight TwistMaris Ramsay
2006-07DA Al Capone (Van Deusen)Gini AgnewRuth Ann McMahon & Auburn FlameCaren Stauffer
2005-06Traveston Cobb (Beacon)Darlene KrellRoxanne Ciccone & FM Spirit WindBubba Manucy
2004-05Smoke Rise Symbol (Thompson)Dinah RojekDebbie Price & Novator PrinceKen Anderson
2003-04Felix of Greystones (Oakes-Simpson)Charlie MorganCarol Thompson & Irish RogueJodie Moore
2002-03Sage (Paul)Roxanne CiconneNorma Caron and King's OCS LadNora Mask
2001-02CC Baron Gandolf (Clark)Anita CarlsonWes Maillard & Samia EmirraPat Thomas
2000-01Highly Recommended (Duval)Becky SilerSteve Rojek & HawkDoug Shearer
1999-2000HiFlyin Tiger (Thompson)Marion HawthorneEileen Cornwell & Ibn FerrareWes & Carolyn Maillard
1998-99Irish Blaze (Thompson)Carol ThompsonCarol Clark & CC Baron GandolfRob Thompson
1997-98Captiva (Bostrom)Carolyn WagnerCindy Bell & WamecoEileen Cornwell
1996-97Samia Emirra (Maillard)noneMarion Hawthorne & AprilEdith Whiting
1995-96Gabar (Clingan)Betsy AyersJoy Bostrom & CaptivaNorma & Gene Caron
1994-95Miska Malika (Cornwell)Jewell GriffinBecky Siler & Moyle BrighamBarbara LeFevre
1993-94Kings OCS Lad (Caron)Eileen CornwellCarol Thompson & Irish BlazeBob & Marge Campbell