SEDRA Hall of Fame!

Exemplary Person: Chris Littlefield

Chris is an excellent promoter of the distance sports to not only those already participating in them, but also to horse aficionados who may be interested but are not sure how to get started. She takes every opportunity to discuss and educate on the subject. For example, earlier this year she wrote and produced a brochure outlining what SEDRA is, what it does, what it offers and how to contact the organization to find out more. The brochure was professionally printed and ready to hand out at the March AERC convention, at rides and at other sport horse venues. At the SEDRA booth at convention she was there almost the whole time discussing the sport in general and SEDRA in particular and presenting great reasons to join and participate in both.

Chris has made significant contributions to SEDRA as President. In her two years in this position she has overseen an increase in membership, primarily as a result of her own hands-on efforts, and has invited a

variety of previously uninvolved members to join the BOD and/or various committees. She allows each member an equal voice, always giving the speaker her full attention. She has presented at SEDRA educational clinics for several years. A favorite innovation with riders at events is her “hospitality table” which is set up by her trailer at every ride she attends. The table is always loaded with fruit, health bars, coffee and other assorted goodies.

Chris is a great role model for the distance sports. She does not ask others to do anything she won’t do. She sets high standards for herself, takes accountability when needed, promotes calm, pertinent discourse and is the first to pitch in to assist when asked or if she sees an opportunity to promote effective interaction. She is a good rider and loves to compete. She makes it a goal to attend as many SEDRA sanctioned rides as possible while continuing to work full time. On the trail she is courteous and helpful. She takes excellent care of her horses and is always willing to give advice to others about improving their and their horses’ performance when asked.

Chris works well with and is supportive of others. There have been very few minor conflicts, but when these do occur she works diligently to try to resolve the issues and smooth ruffled feathers. She goes the extra mile when members have personal challenges in their lives by sending appropriate notes or inexpensive “thinking or you” gifts. Several times she has gone in person to offer a sympathetic ear and a hug.

If I had to sum up this person with one word that word would be “passion”. She is passionate about distance sports, about other people and about SEDRA. Thank you, Chris Littlefield for all you have done and continue to do for our sport, SEDRA and SEDRA members.

Equine: Boomer

When you ask Debbie Parsons Holt what is the breeding of her horse her response is “He’s an Auctionabian”.

This special horse was purchased for $600 (maybe less) at a Florida auction. The gentleman selling him was proud to  state he had just ridden the local trails all weekend long; the horse never tiring.

If I remember correctly, that was about 6 + hours with a possibility of 15-20 miles through the weekend.

With that remark and the fact that this horse was well put together and of a good age (whatever that guess may have  been) he found himself a new home, a new owner and new way to conquer

trails. 6 hours over a course of the weekend had turned into 12-24 hours on a course of 50-100 miles over a weekend.  Still no problem.

I recall seeing this team at their first ride at Camp Osborne where they completed the 50 in 8.5 hours coming in 42nd place. That was the beginning of their 7 – year endurance career which spanned throughout the Southeast region and as  far west as California, specifically for a FINISH at the Western States Trail aka Tevis before the 24-hour cut-off.

Prior to Tevis, this team also completed the Big Horn 100, Far Out Forest 100 and the Goethe 100. He has completed  several 75’s and multiple 50’s. He has done CTR and other equine sports. No matter if the

terrain had little rocks, big  rocks, deep sand, mud and water; whether the terrain was mountainous or a flat desert, this horse got it done!

This horse has won multiple High Point and Reserve Awards along with High Mileage Awards with SEDRA. With over 2700 competition miles that include both AERC & SEDRA recognitions, I say this “Auctionabian” was a great  investment.



Horse and Rider Team: Denise Secino and Windstalker

The award of Horse and Rider Team is a very meaningful award in an organization that prides itself in the Motto “To Finish is to win”. The horse has to be willing to compete every time it passes the start line, and the Rider must always be able to match the ability of the horse. Over the career of these two deserving athletes, it has not always been easy to do. Some of the challenges they have faced together has made them a Team deserving of this award.

From the first time they competed at the Rabbit Run ride in New Jersey many years ago to their recent endeavors, they both don’t know the word quit. The Rider is very proud of the 3,000+ miles they have done together. They are truly a Team for the decade!

Windstalker aka Jack and Denise Secino have always competed together with grit and determination that is worthy of emulation. Their many awards and accolades for exceptional performance are in the record books and speak for themselves. Denise says it best by saying that “every mile with Jack has been a pleasure”.

Denise finds the challenge and pitfalls of distance riding extremely rewarding. However, it’s the bond and adventures with her horse that can‘t be matched. She is grateful to have a “great partner” in Jack” who never quits no matter how “tough” the ride. Jack and Denise are well deserving of this award.


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2019-20Boomer (Debbie Holt)N/ADenise Secino & WindstalkerChris Littlefield
2018-19Teese (Yvette Vinton)Lindsay CampbellChris Littlefield & FarleyCheryl Van Deusen
2017-18Majeco (Maria Florkiewicz)Yvette VintonEd Casillas & Obrizo Juan Sinsonte
2016-17Precious Beaunita (Van Deusen)Butch DuvalJohn Shaw & Locamotion LassieVickie Thompson
2015-16Farley (Littlefield)Ruthann PivirottoStephanie Sutch & GHP Baile HillTom and Maria Florkiewicz
2014-15FM Spirit Wind (Ciccone)Donna ShoafMaria Florkiewicz & MajecoLeah Greenleaf & Debbie Price
2013-14SA Csea Mistral (Ramsay)Cheryl Van DeusenLindsay Campbell and Pocita De Cosa DulceButch and Sam Duval
2012-13Silko Desert Rain (Shoaf)Wes MaillardNorma Caron & FrenchifyJackie Baker
2011-12Ebony Cassanova (Van Deusen)Stephanie BishopRoxanne Ciconne & Shar-poJean & John Saw
2010-11Leo De Vez (Campbell)Debbie ParsonsJodie Moore & Hadar's Cat BalouHelen Koehler
2009-10AU Temptress (Thomas/Roberts)Deena MeyerDonna Shoaf & Silko Desert RainShelley Scott-Jones
2008-09Auburn Flame (McMahon)Steve RojekDorothy Zay & Smoke Rise DendaraCarol Thompson
2007-08Sanyati (Davis)Randi LavikoffVickie Doler & Midnight TwistMaris Ramsay
2006-07DA Al Capone (Van Deusen)Gini AgnewRuth Ann McMahon & Auburn FlameCaren Stauffer
2005-06Traveston Cobb (Beacon)Darlene KrellRoxanne Ciccone & FM Spirit WindBubba Manucy
2004-05Smoke Rise Symbol (Thompson)Dinah RojekDebbie Price & Novator PrinceKen Anderson
2003-04Felix of Greystones (Oakes-Simpson)Charlie MorganCarol Thompson & Irish RogueJodie Moore
2002-03Sage (Paul)Roxanne CiconneNorma Caron and King's OCS LadNora Mask
2001-02CC Baron Gandolf (Clark)Anita CarlsonWes Maillard & Samia EmirraPat Thomas
2000-01Highly Recommended (Duval)Becky SilerSteve Rojek & HawkDoug Shearer
1999-2000HiFlyin Tiger (Thompson)Marion HawthorneEileen Cornwell & Ibn FerrareWes & Carolyn Maillard
1998-99Irish Blaze (Thompson)Carol ThompsonCarol Clark & CC Baron GandolfRob Thompson
1997-98Captiva (Bostrom)Carolyn WagnerCindy Bell & WamecoEileen Cornwell
1996-97Samia Emirra (Maillard)noneMarion Hawthorne & AprilEdith Whiting
1995-96Gabar (Clingan)Betsy AyersJoy Bostrom & CaptivaNorma & Gene Caron
1994-95Miska Malika (Cornwell)Jewell GriffinBecky Siler & Moyle BrighamBarbara LeFevre
1993-94Kings OCS Lad (Caron)Eileen CornwellCarol Thompson & Irish BlazeBob & Marge Campbell