Rider Education & Resources

Competitive trail riding and endurance riding is exciting and challenging; you will expand your horsemanship abilities, enhance your partnership with your horse, and refine your trail riding skills. These events demand the successful human partner of the team to know and understand their equine partner in a way that is rarely attained in other forms of equine sports.  Many riders start at the competitive trail riding level and, if they find it to their liking, will move on to also competing in endurance riding.

The worldwide motto of the distance riding sport is “to complete is to win.”  This standard ensures that participating horses finish the distance “fit to continue.” Whether winning, completing or almost-but-not-quite making it, distance trail riding events should be a fun and rewarding experience for horse and rider. It provides the joy of many miles on the trail and knowing that rider and horse as a team are fit to do more than they thought possible.

With that in mind, we would like to offer you resources to get you and your equine partner on the trail toward success! 

SEDRA’s CTR Rookie Handbook
AERC Endurance Riders Handbook
List of Mentors for Competitive Trail, Endurance & Driving