3rd Annual FHA/FLORIDA 35/25/10/Equathon Ride & Tie Entry Form

3 DAY FHA/FLORIDA 35/25/10 Ride and Tie Equathon


12112 SW 16th Ave Ocala, FL


Ride Manager: Carol Thompson / carolythompson@msn.com

 RIDE REQUIREMENTS: Entries are open to all breeds of horses or mules 5 years of age and older as of ride date, 4 years old for 25 miles and IDR.

ENTRY INCLUDES: 100 Mile entry includes 3 nights primitive camp fee, and forestry fee and evening meals. 40, 35 and 25 Mile and IDR entries include 1 Night primitive camp fee, forestry fee and meal.  Extra meals may be purchased for $15.

Entries must be accompanied by your total entry fees and signed release. Early entry discount of $10 for entries paid in full and RECEIVED by January 29, 2024.

Refunds will be made if notified by February 1, 2024.

The Florida Cracker Horse/Zicheck Preserve charges a $10 per horse per day or $25 for the event per horse grounds fee. This must be paid for all horses entered as well as any other horses on the grounds as companion or whatever, and includes day of arrival as well as day of competition.

JUNIOR RIDERS: Riders under the age of 18 will compete in the Junior Division. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to ensure that Juniors 16 and under must be accompanied on the ride at all times by a parent or designated sponsor.

RIDE RULES: This is a SEDRA sanctioned ride.


EXTERNAL AIDS: Only water and grooming aids may be used; no hoof dressings, ointments, salves or other medications may be used except as authorized the judges.

Hoof Boots are now acceptable within the SEDRA rule guidelines. (2019)

WARNING RIBBONS: A red ribbon must be worn in the tail of any known (or suspected) kicker. All stallions must wear a yellow ribbon. Ribbons should be securely fastened into the tail. It is the rider’s responsibility to furnish their own ribbons.

 WATER: Is available in multiple places. Hoses are NOT permitted to be used on horses after you have vetted in.

DRUGS AND MEDICATIONS: No horse competing shall be given an illegal drug or medication for the purpose of altering the horse’s performance. Illegal drugs are defined as, but not limited to, any stimulant, depressant, tranquilizer, local anesthetic, anti-inflammatory or analgesics (including Bute and Banamine) or any medication that alters the distribution of body fluids. The finding of a drug or its by-product in the blood, urine or saliva of a horse will be used as evidence that such was illegally administered. There may be random drug testing using SEDRA rules.

CHECK IN AND VET IN: Office will open at NOON on Thursday February 3, 2022. You may arrive before noon to set up your camp.

Vet in will begin at 3:00 PM.* Vet in times are subject to change. When entering the Vet check your ride forms must be completed with ALL rider/horse information. The judges will examine your horse in hand and at the trot. Any faults, blemishes or unsoundness will be noted and evaluated starting at that time. * Or when vets are ready

RIDE MEETING: Ride meeting will be held after last horse vets through. PLEASE PLAN TO ATTEND MEETING. DINNER TO FOLLOW

Trail course and start times and veterinary protocol will be reviewed at Riders Meeting the night before each competition day along with answering any questions regarding rules and requirements.

On trail Vet checks will be away from camp. You will need 1 bucket (for water) which you may fill with hay, feed, e-lytes, etc. Buckets will be taken to vet stop by ride personnel.

We love dogs BUT….  Dogs must be on leash and stay in your campsite. No dogs in the pavilion areaManure and hay may be scattered. Please pick up large piles of hay. Please take your trash with you.

Please follow current guidelines/rules of distancing and masks.  Hand sanitizer will be available in common areas.  Please follow distancing guidelines at meetings at meals.  Thank you for your cooperation.