Randi Lavikoff Scholarship Application

In 2009, SEDRA received a bequest in memory of one our members, Randi Lavikoff. The SEDRA Board of Directors, in agreement with Randi’s sons, has set aside this money to be used as scholarship funds to help members attend distance and trail related educational clinics. The scholarship is $250 towards application/entry fees. Two clinics have been approved so far:

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*The National Equestrian Trails Conference , NETC (formerly SETC, Southeast Equestrian Trails Conference) strives for equestrian self-evaluation, learning, and the development of a conservation force that will influence land-use policies at local, state, regional, and national levels. It will offer a forum for meaningful communication between natural resource management agencies and trail equestrians. While the NETC focuses on the issues surrounding the use of horses on trails, the Conference is open to anyone interested in natural resource conservation. People from outside of the Southeast are encouraged to attend to share their experiences and learn more about the southeastern trail issues.

*AERC Sponsored Trail Master Course AERC sponsors Trail Master classes across the U.S. In addition to teaching endurance riders the proper way to design and build new trails — and maintain and improve existing trails — we invite two land managers to attend the class with riders. Mornings are spent in the classroom. A written test follows at lunch, and afternoons are set aside for field work and getting one’s hands dirty.

Those who graduate from the four-day course are certified crew leaders, and can go anyplace to lead crews in the proper way to maintain, build and design trails. By working together with our land managers we can build sustainable trails for the future.

Description: Day 1: Trail design and layout. Day 2: Trail construction. Day 3: Trail maintenance. Day 4: Crew Leader and Graduation. At the end, certificates for those that completed the course will be issued, by Mike Riter of Trail Design Specialists. For information regarding Trail Master Courses, contact coordinator Alex Uspenski, auspenski@usendoscopy.com, phone: 440-413-6667.

Other Educational Clinics may be approved by a vote of the Board at a regularly scheduled meeting.

Requirements: Applicants must have been a SEDRA member for at least one year to apply. Applications must be received at least 6 weeks in advance, and recipients will be notified at least 4 weeks before the scheduled clinic. SEDRA will approve no more than 2 scholarships per ride calendar year until the end of the bequest.

Questions? Contact Carol Thompson, Award Secretary; PO Box 302, Mims, FL 32754 carolythompson@msn.com

RL Scholarship Application

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