FITS Winter Lite 25

January 23, 2021 all-day
10851 E Levy St
Valarie Kanavy
The FITS Winter Lite event on January 23rd is a 25-mile competition that is being co-sanctioned for SEDRA miles only (no points).…/us-equestrian-launches-new…
The event will be held at Valerie Kanavy’s place in Morriston (10851 E Levy St, Williston, FL).
The course is based on a 12.5 mile trail in Goethe Forest that will be run twice. Check-in will be on Saturday morning prior to the start of the event.
The primary sanctioning body for this event is USEF, not AERC (no mileage or points), and it not necessary to be a USEF member.
This event is being run as an endurance lite competition. Endurance lite rules are similar to AERC.…/endur…/endurance-competition-lite
This is the online entry for FITS Winter Light:  More Ride Information
You do not have to have a USEF number to compete, nor will you be a member afterwards. Horses and riders that do not already have a USEF number will be assigned a number free of charge in order to keep track or results from the USEF rides. This is a USEF ride, however the prices will not be skyrocketed. Because this is not aso an FEI ride fewer officials are needed which means that the cost is not much different than the AERC rides. The entry fee for FITS Winter Light is 125$. You will see familiar vets and be in a professional and relaxed atmosphere. This will be a small ride as it is a last minute addition. The trail is barefoot friendly, but if you have sensitive feet hoof boots are a thought as there are some short sections of forest road. There is one 12.5 mile loop that we will do twice. A lot of it will be new to those that do not ride in this neck or the woods. If you have any questions send a pm. I will post the ride flyer later with some more info. The ride is Jan 23,2021. Starting at 8am. Vetting will start at 7.