Hokey Pokey Endurance 25/50/75/100, Goethe State Forest, Dunnellon, FL

January 27, 2024 all-day
Goethe State Forest, Tidewater Trails
12550 SE 137TH CT. Dunnellon
Florida 34431
Ride Manager: Sandra Terp
Hokey Pokey Endurance 25/50/75/100, Goethe State Forest, Dunnellon, FL @ Goethe State Forest, Tidewater Trails

Online Entry Form or Mail In Entry form

Food – Pizza will be served Friday evening just prior to the ride briefing. Bob Levesque will be onsite with his food trailer for those that want a hot meal at your own expense. Please contact him ahead of time so he can plan. 352-286-1980. Bob will also be set up on Saturday for your food needs.

Trail – Shoes are recommended as you will be using a lot of 2 track, logging, or grade road. Longer distances will also utilize the Apex and Black Prong trailheads for away holds.

Base camp is at the Goethe State Forest Tidewater Trail Head near the intersection of CR337 and CR336, Saddle Pen Rd. Town is Dunnellon however camp is 10 miles from town. Helmets are required anytime you are mounted, prior to, during and after the event. Primitive camping is available beginning Friday. There are multiple hydrants for horse water as well as bathrooms. Port-a-johns will also be on site. Riders competing 50 miles or less may arrive the day of the ride. Please allow adequate time to park, vet in, and set up your hold if not done on Friday. You are responsible for attending the ride briefing Friday evening at 5:30 whether on site or not with your horse.

Rules – All AERC and SERA rules apply. Decisions of vets are final. Horse, pony or mule must be 48 months old to enter the LD ride, 60 months old to enter the 50 or 75 mile ride and 72 months old to enter the 100 mile ride. Riders under 16 must be accompanied by a designated adult sponsor (21 years or older) for the duration of the ride. Approved safety helmets are required when mounted for all riders. In order to receive credit for completing the ride, horses must be “fit to continue” as determined by the veterinarians and must complete within the time allotted for the distance. The winner of the LD-mile ride will be the first horse whose pulse recovers to 60 bpm and is “fit to continue.” Horses will have 30 minutes to recover after passing the camp in timer. You are responsible for knowing and adhering to the rules for the event you enter. You must present a negative Coggins test (< 1 year), and ALL appropriate membership numbers. All dogs must be on a leash (park rule). Warning: Under Florida Law, an equine activity sponsor or equine professional is not liable for an injury to, or the death of, a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities. Chapter 773.

Fees: EVERYONE MUST PRE-ENTER. NO ENTRIES ACCEPTED ON SITE. Mail entry form and payment such that it is received NO LATER than Saturday January 20, 2024, or enter online at www.SERAOnline.org/SOLEEntrySecur.php


Refer to the entry form for a list of fees. You MUST pre-register. You must mail your entry form and check to the ride secretary Carol Thompson PO Box 302 Mims FL 32754. Checks made payable to Jennifer Sapira, such that Carol receives it NO LATER than Saturday January 20, 2023 since she will be traveling to the ride that week. It is preferred you use the SERA Online Entry to enter the ride. Mail to: Carol Thompson PO Box 302 Mims FL 32754