Meadow Creek Mingle IDR/30/55 Both Days

June 4, 2021 – June 5, 2021 all-day
Meadow Creek Mingle
961 Browns Chapel Rd Parrottsville TN
Charlesey Charlton-McCallister,
~For those new to sport of distance riding please consider SEDRA’s Intro Distance Riding (IDR) program,…/introductory-distance…/
Base camp will be located at Meadow Creek Mountain Ranch. Camping and Stalls: Please contact Meadow Creek Mountain Ranch for reservations: (423) 623 7543
Trails: This is a VERY doable ride. Look at the past completion rates – almost 100% – there are a lot of climbs with technical trails – you are in the mountains – BUT there are plenty of gravel/grass Forestry roads with good footing to move out on. Choose wisely. If the terrain says walk then walk – but if it says you can trot you better trot if you want to make time. Shoes/Boots HIGHLY recommended – I would not ask a horse to do these trails without hoof protection. Also there are NO paved roads this year!!!