(Point Calculation)


  • Breed restricted rides/drives will only count for points in that breed division and lifetime mileage. (Example: Arabian Classic).
  • Rides requiring qualification to enter (such as a championship ride) will count only towards lifetime mileage.
  • All breed divisions must have a minimum of 5 equines (equines, mules or ponies) to compete for that breed division award. Possible divisions to include, but not limited to, any registered breed (Arabian, Quarter Horse, Appaloosa, Paso Fino, etc.) and unregistered equine. Equines registered with a breed that does not have a total of 5 to complete a breed division will be grouped with all other breeds that cannot fill a full category (Other Registered High Point).
  • Proof of registration: Proof of breed registration must be provided, or the equine will compete in the unregistered division.
  • Other awards to be presented may include: High Point Junior, High Point Rookie Equine, High Point Rookie Rider, etc.(Competitive, Endurance and Driving).
  • All equines will automatically be eligible for High Point awards when the rider/driver becomes a member of SEDRA, including HIGH POINT GRAND CHAMPION and HIGH POINT RESERVE CHAMPION.


  • Competitive Rides and Drives
    • The final score on the scorecard will be multiplied by the number of miles ridden/driven, then divided by 100. The total will be number of points received for that ride.
    • Only ride/drives of 25 miles or more will count.
  • Endurance
    • Rides must be 50 miles or more in length to count for High Point Awards.
    • AERC guidelines will be followed to arrive at points for individual rides and annual totals.
  • Ride and Tie of 25 miles or more will be included in figuring the High Point Awards.
  • Limited Distance – Points will be accrued at one point per mile, regardless of placing at the event.
  • Overall Mileage Championship – Only SEDRA sanctioned rides will be counted, combining miles from CTR, Endurance, Limited Distance, Drives, and Ride and Ties.


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