Trail Workdays, Rides or Clinics!

 Interested? Need Volunteers? We can help spread the word! If your organization, association, club would like to participate in our program, we can advertise your trail workdays in our newsletters and web site calendar. You do not need to be a member of SEDRA to participate, everyone is welcome!

Only SEDRA sanctioned rides will be eligible for volunteer mileage accrual.  SEDRA clinics and any Trail workdays will be eligible if they are posted on the official SEDRA calendar 30 days in advance.

  • Awards will be given at 250 miles worked, 500 miles, 1000 miles and at 1000 mile increments thereafter.
    • Mileage will be a lifetime accrual.
    • Volunteers need not be SEDRA members, but it is the responsibility of the volunteer to supply current addresses to the awards secretary.
    • Miles worked must be submitted and verified by ride/workday management within 30 days of the ride/workday to the SEDRA awards secretary.
    • Only the maximum mileage of a one day ride will be awarded, i.e., a 25/50 mile ride will accrue 50 miles.  Each day worked at a multi day ride may accrue the maximum mileage for that day. SEDRA Clinics and (trail) workdays will receive 25 miles per clinic or workday.

GET INVOLVED! If your organization, association, club would like to participate in our program

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