The purpose of this futurity is to encourage the development of 100 mile horses and participation in 100 mile rides.

The recognition for the award will be a monogrammed cooler for the horse.  The monogramming will recognize the unique achievement for which the award was earned.  The award will be presented at either the SEDRA yearly membership meeting/awards banquet.

  • Eligible horses must not have completed a sanctioned 100 mile ride, either CTR or endurance.
  • Eligible rides:
    • A 1-day 100 mile Endurance ride sanctioned by SEDRA.
    • A 2-day 100 mile Endurance ride sanctioned by SEDRA.
    • A 3-day 100 mile Competitive Trail Ride sanctioned by SEDRA.
  • The 100 mile ride must be completed within 5 years from the date of nomination.
  • A one-time fee of $55.00 must be paid BEFORE the horse will be eligible.
  • Nomination is transferable between owners.
  • Rider must be a current SEDRA member.
  • When the horse completes the Futurity requirement within the 5 years, SEDRA will award the horse as provided by the SEDRA Board of Directors.

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This award is established in order to reward the achievement in the 100-mile or greater distance ride. The time duration for completion of the requirements for the award is open ended and can be done at the rider’s pace. The sport of distance riding is about the bond between the horse and rider. This is an award that goes to a horse and rider team.

To receive this recognition, the same rider on the same horse (rider/horse team) must successfully complete, in any combination, a Three Day 100 Mile Competitive Trail Ride, a Two Day 100 Mile Endurance ride, Pioneer Endurance ride or a One Day 100 Mile Endurance ride. To be eligible for consideration, all rides must be SEDRA sanctioned.  The award may be applied for retroactively to June 1, 1984, the inception of SEDRA.  Each level must be applied for.


  • Bronze – 3 Completed 100 mile rides
  • Silver – 6 Completed 100 mile rides
  • Gold – 10 Completed 100 mile rides
  • Platinum – 15 Completed 100 mile rides

Fees for each level:

  • $50.00 Cooler provided and embroidered by SEDRA
  • $20.00 Item provided by rider, embroidered by SEDRA
  • $5.00   Certificate, frame and recognition at the annual banquet and placed on list of teams achieving this award

The rider must notify the awards secretary when each level has been reached.

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