• Only SEDRA sanctioned rides will be eligible for volunteer mileage accrual. All SEDRA sanctioned rides will be eligible beginning with the 2006-2007 ride season. SEDRA clinics and workdays will only be eligible if they are posted on the official SEDRA calendar 30 days in advance.
  • Awards will be given at 250 miles worked, 500 miles, 1000 miles and at 1000 mile increments thereafter.
  • Mileage will be a lifetime accrual.
  • Volunteers need not be current members, but it is the responsibility of the volunteer to supply current addresses to the awards secretary.
  • Miles worked must be submitted and verified by ride management within 30 days of the ride to the SEDRA awards secretary.
  • Only the maximum mileage of a one-day ride will be awarded, i.e., a 25/50-mile ride will accrue 50 miles. Each day worked at a multi-day ride may accrue the maximum mileage for that day. SEDRA Clinics and workdays will receive 25 miles per clinic or workday



The purpose of this award is to encourage fun, sportsmanship, teamwork and participation in equestrian competitive distance events.  There is no fee to sign up for the Team Award, it’s free.

There will be separate team competitions for:

  • Endurance – Only Endurance rides of 50 miles or more will count towards the Endurance team division, using the same point system used for year-end awards.
  • Competitive Trail Riding/Driving –
  • Competitive Rides and Drives completed for points will count towards the Competitive Trail Riding/Driving team division, using the same point system used for year-end awards.
  • Distance Only Competitive Rides and Drives completed for mileage only, Endurance and Limited Distance (less than 50 miles) successfully completed per current SEDRA rules will count towards the Distance Only Division, calculated at 1 point per mile, regardless of placing.
  1. Each team will have up to four members. A rider may only compete on one team per division but may compete in all 3 divisions on the same or different teams.
  2. All team members must be current SEDRA members for their points to count.
  3. This form must be received by the SEDRA Awards Secretary or a designate BEFORE any points will accumulate.
  4. Each team form registered with the SEDRA Awards Sec. is considered complete. If less than 4 members were submitted on the original form, any points from added members will start accruing only after an additional form to include the fourth member is submitted and received. If a team member must be replaced, points from that member will be removed, and points for the new member will only accrue from the time a new form is submitted and received.
  5. Team names are required.
  6. No penalties are incurred by not entering or completing a ride.
  7. Total team points will be tallied at the end of the year.
  8. Only rides/drives that count toward SEDRA year-end high point will count towards team totals. (Must be SEDRA sanctioned, open rides not requiring qualification.)
  9. The ride/drive must be successfully completed for points to count.
  10. The points will accumulate on the rider.
  11. At least 3 teams per division must register, or that division will be cancelled.
  12. The number of award placings will be determined by the number of entries.
  13. Each placing team member will receive an award.

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