SEDRA Annual Meeting and Awards – McCulley Farms

We have officially reserved the party/meeting barn at McCulley Farms  for our annual membership meeting for June 26th.
If you want to make it a fun weekend of camping, riding, kayaking, swimming or just “lizard laying” around, please contact the McCulley’s directly for campsite reservations. (386) 938-1147 or I think they prefer a call over an email. This link will take you to the map of campsites:
We have a volunteer who will mark a loop to ride for those who prefer knowing where they are going. Remember you aren’t lost until it’s dark. In the summer, that’s about 9PM.
There is an obstacle course on the property to help with cross training.
Blue sink is a short few miles down the road. If you need cooling off, this will. Quickly. The river trail we compete on is across from Blue Sink. It’s a beautiful sight on a clear river day.
Shopping close by. (Country close not city close)
We are still working out the speakers and lunch options.
There will be door prizes!!!
Mailing Address: 3019 N.W. McCulley Farms Road, Jasper, FL 32052
Closest GPS Address: 6399 NW Co Rd 143, Jasper, FL 32052
(386) 938-1147