November… the time of year that evokes thankfulness. We’re thankful the weather has finally cooled down, competitions have started back in the SE that hopefully will not have triple digit heat indexes and celebrating Thanksgiving with our loved ones.

The horses are enjoying the cool weather too with a little or BIG kick in their heels. The first windy & cold day of the season does make for entertaining pasture watching. And provokes the thought… “I ain’t riding that today!”

Personally, I’m thankful to all of you. You’ve offered your friendship, support, and guidance on how we can make SEDRA the best club it can be. I’m always open to hear your suggestions and in fact, encourage it.

Let’s Ride!

Nov 10-11: Broxton Bridge is located on a beautiful plantation with groomed trails. If you have a desire to someday represent the USA in Endurance, here is an opportunity to learn from FEI riders on what it takes to try and make the team.

Nov 17-18: Blackwater Boogie in the Florida Panhandle offers beautiful forest trails, creek crossings and a nice facility to camp at.

Nov 24-25: River Run CTR This ride location is perfect for the first time rider with a big barn, lovely camp area and well marked trails. There are 2 IDR’s available as well as the 25 mile SEDRA CTR and the FHA Championship. Something for everyone!

Dec 15-16: Goethe a 20 year tradition. Ride Manager, Helen Koehler, says she’s hanging up her hat after this one. Let’s support her final ride with as many members who can make the ride participate. Can’t ride? Volunteer!

Check out all our sanctioned rides on the new calendar!

Blackwater Boogie
Broxton Bridge

A BIG WELCOME to the following new members:

Beverly Cruise
Brooke Little*

*Brooke came to us through the FHA clinic. She was riding her beautiful gaited Mangalarga Marchador stallion, Cheveyo.

Don’t forget…Make sure your horse is getting the recognition they deserve too! They need to be signed up separately. The form is on our website.

MENTORS: New members, please make sure to check out the website and our growing list of mentors. Check the list to see if a mentor is in your area. Then contact them! There is so much to learn and way too much of the wrong information out there on the world wide web. Different zones have different needs. What may work perfectly out west or up north may not be the best option here in the Southeast. By training with a mentor or asking questions and lots of them, you’ll become more successful and your horse will be thankful for it.

KUDOS! Thank you to everyone who supported the FHA Clinic and CTR. It took an army of volunteers to clear the trails so the event could go on. The size of trees that had fallen through the storm were unbelievable. Then there was the talented and educated group of clinicians who offered their advice and knowledge to the 10 new comers to distance riding. There were also the mentor riders and horses who helped the new horses and their riders get down the trail safely. From what I saw, everyone had a great time and learned a thing or two through the course of the weekend. Thank you to Michelle and Doug Shearer for hosting the event.

CONTEST!!! The SEDRA logo created in ca. 1984 is well loved and recognized throughout the Southeast but unfortunately, it no longer can be reproduced to today’s standards. With our current stock of logo items running low, now is the best time to update our logo.

The Rules:

  1. Must be able to reproduce in both 4-color and black and white
  2. Must be clean enough to embroider on any size garment
  3. Must be clean enough to be legible on a banner and as small format
  4. Must be in digital format.
  5. All riders must have helmets

The contest is open to all members and friends of members. Deadline for submissions is March 01, 2018

The BOD will look at ALL submissions and will bring the Top 3 to the Banquet for our membership to vote on. The Top 3 will be published on our FB and Web pages for everyone to look at prior to the membership vote.

The WINNER will receive full recognition. 1 year paid membership to SEDRA and banquet. PLUS other fabulous gifts.

All entrants will be recognized and thanked.

Please send your submissions to

Membership Dues: If you haven’t already renewed your 2017-2018 dues, now is the time! And, don’t forget your horse/pony/mule partner lifetime distance nomination. Check out our website for forms and more information on our other distance programs.

Our Next Board of Directors meeting will be held Saturday, December 09 from 11:15-1:30 at Helen’s Koehler’s home. SEDRA members are always welcome to attend. Please RSVP to me if you plan to come. Can’t come but would like us to review an idea or concern? Please email me.

December newsletter: Please send me articles about your favorite ride, why you love distance riding, Your favorite mentor and what they did to help you succeed, your favorite breed and why.

I would love for the December newsletter to be about you…the members!

Education Corner:

Beet Pulp – What Is It and Why Do Horses Need It?

What have you heard about beet pulp? This super fiber is underutilized when it comes to feeding horses. Let’s learn more about the benefits of beet pulp, how to feed it and why it should be fed. We will be sure to include plenty of time for any specific questions you have for one of our Standlee® nutrition experts!

Attendees will also have a chance to win free Standlee product!

Please join us for a free webinar as Dr. Tania Cubitt, Doctor of Philosophy in Equine Nutrition and Reproduction, will present some key points on:
• What is beet pulp?
• How do you feed it?
• How do you balance it when fed with other forages and feeds?
• Why is it beneficial for equine diets?
• How does beet pulp affect carb sensitive horses?

Join our Facebook page for informative articles and latest news events.

When you have an issue or idea that you want to discuss, please email me at:

Adventure is out there! Go find it!

Chris Littlefield

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