Care and Feeding of the Endurance Horse Nutrition, Body Condition, The Foot, Beating the Metabolic Pull, Colic, Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome,   Worms and Deworming, Vaccination and Disease, Housing, Emergency Planning, and more…

Respiratory Diseases in Horses What You Can Do to Prevent Them by Carolynn MacAllister, DVM Extension Veterinary Medicine Specialist

Managing Dehydration, Exhaustion in Horses from The Horse magazine

No Sweat: Anhidrosis in Horses -Anhidrosis, the inability to sweat correctly, can spell trouble for your horse’s performance and health. Practical Horseman

Arrythmias in Equine Athletes

The Equine Heart from the UC Davis Center for Equine Health Horse Report (pdf)

The Importance of Understanding Resting Heart Rate By: Patricia Humphrey, DVM; The resting heart of your horse is an essential indicator of horse health. An elevated resting heart rate can indicate some type of stress from anxiety, illness, injury or over training and provides an early warning sign to a horse owner that something may not be quite right.

Skeletal muscle function and metabolism from Kentucky Equine Research

Food for Thought: Digestive health by Nancy Loving, DVM, from

The Gut During Exercise from Kentucky Equine Research (pdf)

The Digestive Tract of the Horse — Practical Considerations from Kentucky Equine Research (pdf)

Feeding Strategies for Peak Performance in Horses by Kari Turner, Ph.D. University of GA Coop Ext (pdf) Published with Full Review on Aug 07, 2017

Unusual Appetite: Your Horse Eats What? By Kentucky Equine Research Staff · February 26, 2016

The energetics of the trot-gallop transition from

The cost of transport in an extended trot from www.pubmed.go

Electrolyte Supplementation of Endurance Horses By Kentucky Equine Research Staff · February 28, 2012

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