Jennifer Nice

Recreational trail riders tend to view endurance riders as a bit of a motley crew. They seem to ride too far, too fast. They wear funny-looking clothing and seem to prefer brightly colored tack that looks as though it was made for a drill team.

In truth, endurance riders were all recreational trail riders first – and many still are. Over time, they’ve merely adapted. Think survival of the fittest. They’ve learned valuable lessons along the way – some painful, others expensive, and all as a result of mistakes they don’t want to make again.


Endurance riders have mastered the secrets to staying comfortable while spending many hours in the saddle. This applies to their horses, as well. They know that their horse’s comfort is just as important as their own, if not more so.

So, if you want to know what type of riding pants won’t chafe, what footgear won’t leave you crippled, what tack stays looking new for years, what girth won’t rub, what water bottles won’t bounce, and more, just ask an endurance rider.

Here, I’ll share 17 riding-apparel, trail-tack, and on-trail secrets directly from those who’ve logged countless miles on the endurance circuit.

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