**If you are participating in our Introductory Distance Ride Program or Volunteer Program and you do not see your name listed, please contact the Ride Manager, their information is provided on the ride results link below. It is the Ride Managers responsibility to report all IDR participants and volunteers to us with the ride results.**

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SEDRA’s Sanctioned Ride Results 2023-24

July 14, Broxton Bridge Night Riders 30/50/65/75 Hwy 601 S, Ehrhardt, SC. RM: Cheryl Van Deusen, 386-566-4820  cvandeusen@gmail.com

August 19 Horseshoe Bend Boogie 30/50 198 Horseshoe Bend Rd. Frenchtown, NJ RM Meg Sleeper (908) 500-0091 mar-garetmsleeper@ufl.edu

August 25-26 Iron Mountain Jubilee 25/55 and 25/50/100, Cripple Creek, RM Nancy Sluys (336) 351-4753 mingle-wood@surry.net

September 9 Big South Fork Endurance 30/55/75 RM: Eric Rueter, 865-599-3594, (Eric@FleetFootFarm.com)

Sept 23 Biltmore Fall Ride to Benefit Hope for Horses Endurance 25/50 Biltmore Equestrian Center, Asheville, NC Elizabeth McLean, 828-777-9198, emclean@biltmore.com

October 14 Hunting for Big Foot IDR/25/50 Wiggins, MS @ Big Foot Trailhead RM Jane Lee, 601-347-1850, (leapingarab@yahoo.com

October 14 – 15 Scenic Spruce Creek Fall Fling Elevator End CTR Clinic/IDR/25/50 @ Doris Leeper Spruce Creek Preserve RM: Cheryl Van Deusen, 386-566-4820  cvandeusen@gmail.com

October 28th Sand Hills Sugarloaf Mountain Stampede 25/50 at Sugarloaf Mountain, Patrick SC RM Julia Fisher, 843-407-8846, juliafisher4@gmail.com

November 4th  McCulley Farms in the Fall IDR/25/50 Endurance, Jasper, FL @ McCulley Farms RM kozlandfarm@gmail.com  (904) 994-8004 www.mcculleyfarmenduranceride.com

November 10-11th Broxton Bridge: Ride in the Low Country Hwy 601 S, Ehrhardt, SC. RM: Cheryl Van Deusen, 386-566-4820  cvandeusen@gmail.com

November 18th  Blackwater Boogie Blackwater River State Forest, Milton FL Cynthia Sheldon, 850-598-7000, (hayshaker77@hotmail.com) www.blackwaterboogieendurance.com

November 24-25th  JD’s Carolina IDR/25/30/50/55/75/100 Winery Rd Patrick, SC RM John D. Hancock, 803-428-7529, (johndhancock@bellsouth.net)

December 2nd Dunns Creek Winter Gallop 30/50 Dunns Creek SF, Pomona, FL RM Vickie Thompson (904) 629-6522, MelroseVicky@aol.com

December 16th Winter Ride in the Pines IDR/25/50 Cheraw, SC RM: Angie Lindberg (919) 633-3277 whatasunnygirl@gmail.com

December 16th Goethe Benefit IDR/25/50 Black Prong, Goethe SF,  Dunnellon, FL RM: Jo Harder J.Harder@earthlink.net www.goethebenefit.com

December 29-30th Goethe Galivant 25/30/50/65/75/100 Tidewater trails at Goethe State Forest RM: Cheryl Van Deusen 386-566-4820, cvandeusen@gmail.com

January 15-16th  River Rise Ramble End IDR/25/50 River Rise State Preserve, High Springs FL RM  Yvonne Kuder, 352-327-2780, endurancerambles@yahoo.com www.riverriseramble.com

January 26th Broxton Bridge: Ride in the Low Country Hwy 601 S, Ehrhardt, SC. RM: Ceryl Van Deusen, 386-566-4820  cvandeusen@gmail.com

January 27th  Hokey Pokey Endurance 25/50/75/100, Goethe State Forest, Dunnellon, FL  Tidewater Trails RM Sandra Terp, 908-249-2491 farmgirl723@gmail.com

Feb 1-4th FL/FHA100 3day CTR 40/35/25/Intro, Mileage Only, Ride and Tie,  RM Carol Thompson, 321-269-2892, carolythompson@msn.com

February 17th  Gator Run IDR/25/50 Tidewater at Goethe State Forest RM Connie Burns Caudill, 812-595-8448, conniecaudill@yahoo.com

March 25-26th McCulley Farms IDR/25/50 2 day 50, 2 day 100 3019 McCulley Farm Rd. Jasper, FL RM   kozlandfarm@gmail.com  (904) 994-8004 www.mcculleyfarmenduranceride.com

March 7-9th FITS Florida in the Sun Endurance Festival IDR/25/50/55/75/100 Black Prong at Goethe State Forest, FL RM Michelle Grald  (603) 252-2160 fitsenduranceentries@gmail.com

April 19-20th Ride In the Pines IDR/25/50 Cheraw, SC RM: Angie Lindberg (919) 633-3277 whatasunnygirl@gmail.com

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