**If you are participating in our Introductory Distance Ride Program or Volunteer Program and you do not see your name listed, please contact the Ride Manager, their information is provided. It is the Ride Managers responsibility to report all IDR participants and volunteers to us with the ride results.**

Aug 24-25 Iron Mountain Jubilee I & II 30/50 Endurance

Sep 20-22 AERC National Championship for the benefit of Hope for Horses Endurance

Oct 5-6 Skymont 25/50/IDR Endurance

Oct 13-14 Scenic Spruce Creek Fall No Frills 25/50/IDR Endurance and CTR

Oct 18-20 Meadow Creek Mingle Pioneer 25/50 & 2-Day 100 Endurance

Oct 26-28  Spook Run – Distance Horse National Championship 25/50/100 Endurance and 40 CTR

Oct 27-28 FHA Clinic and 25-mile CTR w/IDR

Nov 3 Autumn Gallop Benefit for Camp Boggy Creek Endurance

Nov 9-10 Broxton Bridge Plantation –USE SE Fall Fundraiser 25/50/75/100 Endurance

Nov 16-17 Blackwater Boogie 25/50/IDR Endurance

Nov 24 Carolina 30/55/75/100 Endurance

Dec 2 River Rise CTR & AHA R12 Regional CTR/IDR

Dec 15-16 Goethe Benefit IDR/25/50/2-Day 100 Endurance

Dec 28-30 Gallop on the Greenway 25/50/75 Endurance

Jan 12-13 Winter Gallop at Etoniah Creek IDR/25/50 Endurance

Jan 25-26 Broxton Bridge USE SE Fundraiser 25/50/75/100 Endurance

Feb 1-3 FHA 3-Day 100 (69th Annual) CTR

Feb 15-16 Gator Run IDR/25/50 Endurance

Feb 28 – Mar 2 FITS IDR/25/50/75/100 Endurance

Mar 2 Take No Prisoners IDR/25/50 Endurance

Mar 30 McCulley Farm IDR/25/50/2 day 100 Endurance

Apr 12-13 Run Forest Run 25/50 Endurance – Cancelled

Apr 20-21 Spruce Creek Spring Fling 25/50 Endurance & CTR

Apr 26 Witch Dance IR/25/50 Endurance

May 3-4 Biltmore Endurance Challenge 25/30/50/55/75/100 Endurance

May 16-17 Talladega Yellowhammer Pioneer Endurance

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