As endurance competitors, I think most of us set similar goals such as: reevaluating our fitness plan, competing in longer distances successfully, possibly starting a new horse and becoming a better horse person for the sake of our mounts.
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(Point Calculation) GENERAL REQUIREMENTS Breed restricted rides/drives will only count for points in that breed division and lifetime mileage. (Example: Arabian Classic). Rides requiring qualification to enter (such as a championship ride) will count only towards lifetime mileage. All breed divisions must have a minimum of 5 equines (equines, mules or ponies) to compete for...
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Competitive Trail Rides/Drives, Endurance, Limited Distance, and Ride & Tie all count towards life time mileage (subject to awards policy requirements). Rider/Driver only: Rider/Driver enrollment is included as part of the annual membership fee. Rider/Driver must be a current member of SEDRA for mileage to accrue. Equine only: The Distance program is open to all...
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VOLUNTEER AWARD Only SEDRA sanctioned rides will be eligible for volunteer mileage accrual. All SEDRA sanctioned rides will be eligible beginning with the 2006-2007 ride season. SEDRA clinics and workdays will only be eligible if they are posted on the official SEDRA calendar 30 days in advance. Awards will be given at 250 miles worked,...
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