Recognizing and Avoiding Problems During and After a Ride

Recognizing and Avoiding Problems During and After a Ride Keeping your horse — and yourself — healthy is vital to participate successfully in endurance riding.

Vet Check Guidelines (html) or (Excel file) for performing a check on your own horse, by Arthur King, DVM — from

Risk Factors for Elimination During Endurance Rides Examined     By Stacey Oke, DVM, MSc

What Causes Poor Exercise Performance? from The Horse magazine

Multiple Causes for Muscle Problems in the Exercising Horse By Kentucky Equine Research Staff · February 10, 2014

Recognition and Management of Fluid and Electrolyte Changes in Equine Athletes by Arthur King, DVM — from

Challenges of Endurance ExerciseIn both equine and human endurance athletes, insufficient thirst, due to concurrent loss of water and electrolytes in sweat, appears to be the most important mechanism causing involuntary dehydration.  Harold C. Schott II Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan

Common Problems in Endurance Athletes (you the rider!) DAVID D. COSCA, MD, and FRANCO NAVAZIO, MD, PhD, University of California Davis Sports Medicine Program, Sacramento, California

Heat Stress in Horses by Nancy Loving, DVM — from

Signs and Symptoms of Fatigue in the Equine

Tips and Hints: Equipment Failure/When Your Horse Just ‘ADR’/Accidents from

Ailments Which Can Keep You and Your Horse From Finishing from the Appaloosa Horse Club

Recognizing Saddle Problems What are the signs of pain caused by the saddle? A horse’s physical symptoms, behavior problems and performance issues can all give clues. Equisearch   Jun 23, 2008

Trail Terrors, a 9-part series from

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