**If you are participating in our Introductory Distance Ride Program or Volunteer Program and you do not see your name listed, please contact the Ride Manager, their information is provided on the ride results link below. It is the Ride Managers responsibility to report all IDR participants and volunteers to us with the ride results.**

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June 26-27th 2020 Scenic Spruce Creek Summer No Frills IDR/25/50/25 miles Doris Leeper Spruce Creek Preserve, 2317 Creek Shore Tr, New Smyrna Beach, FL RM Cheryl Van Deusen 386-566-4820, cvandeusen@gmail.com

July 9-12th 2020 Broxton Bridge Moonlight Madness at Broxton Bridge, Highway 601 South, Ehrhardt SC RM: Cheryl Van Deusen-SS Rep 386-566-4820, cvandeusen@gmail.com

October 2-3rd 2020 Skymont IDR/25/50 both days 3344 Cabbage Patch Rd., Altamont TN RM: Troy J. Nelson 256-614-0277, TNe1020668@aol.com

October 3rd 2020 Scenic Spruce Creek No Frills Fall Fling and CTR IDR/25/50 2317 Creek Shore Tr, Doris Leeper Spruce Creek Preserve Kaye Place, New Smyrna Beach, FL. RM: Cheryl Van Deusen 386-566-4820, (cvandeusen@gmail.com

October 17th 2020 Hunting for Big Foot IDR/25/50/100 at Big Foot Trail Head, DeSoto Natl Forest, Wiggins, MS Ride Manager: Jane Lee, 601-347-1850, leapingarab@yahoo.com

October 24th 2020 Seabrook Farms IDR/25/50 at The Florida Greenway Trails,  2301 SE 85th St. Ocala, FL RM: Dr. Doug Shearer,  352-816-2353, dcshearer29@gmail.com

October 25th 2020 FHA Memorial Clinic and 25 mile CTR at The Florida Greenway Trails,  2301 SE 85th St. Ocala, FL RM: Dr. Doug Shearer, 352-816-2353, dcshearer29@gmail.com

October 31st 2020 Sandhills Stampede 25/50 Sugarloaf Mountain, Patrick SC  RM Julia Fisher, 843-407-8846, juliafisher@bellsouth.net
November 7th 2020 Autumn Gallop Benefit for Camp Boggy Creek IDR/30/50 miles 30500 Brantley Branch Rd, Eustis, FL  RM: Vicky Thompson, 904-629-6522, MelroseVicky@gmail.com

November 13-14th 2020 Broxton Bridge: USA SE Fundraiser Highway 601 South, Ehrhardt SC RM: Cheryl Van Deusen, 386-566-4820, cvandeusen@gmail.com

November 21st 2020 Witch Dance IDR/25/50/75 Tomibigee National Forest, Stinkin Jim’s Horse Camp, Houston, MS  RM: Katie Keenan, 615-584-8677, kbs19@hotmail.com

November 28th 2020 JD’s Carolina IDR/30/55/75/100 Patrick, SC RM: Carol Thompson, 321-269-2892, carolythompson@msn.com

December 19th 2020  Goethe Benefit  25/50 Tidewater Trailhead, Goethe State Forest, Saddle Pen Rd, Dunnellon, FL RM: Jo Harder- J.Harder@earthlink.net

December 31st -January 2nd 2021  Gallop on the Greenway Pioneer and Ride and Tie at Florida Greenway Trails, Florida Horse Park, Ocala FL RM: Dr Doug Shearer, 352-816-2353, dcshearer29@gmail.com

January 16th 2021 Winter Gallop at Tidewater END 25/50 Goethe St Forest near Dunnellon FL. RM: Connie Burns Caudill, 812-595-8448 (conniecaudill@yahoo.com)

January 23rd 2021 FITS Winter Lite 25 at Gold Meadow Farms, Dunnellon, FL RM Valarie Kanavy vkanavy@shentel.net 610-496-1726

January 28-29th 2021 Broxton Bridge USA SE Spring Fundraiser IDR/25/50/65/75/100 END, Ehrhardt, SC @ Broxton Bridge RM Cheryl Van Deusen, 386-566-4820, cvandeusen@gmail.com

February 4-7th 2021 Florida 3 Day 100 CTR  Intro, Mileage Only and Ride & Tie, Ocala, FL @ Florida Horse Park RM Carol Thompson  carolythompson@msn.com

February 19-20th 2021 Gator Run 25/50 Goethe State Forest, Tidewater Trailhead, Dunnellon, FL  RM RM: Connie Burns Caudill, 812-595-8448 (conniecaudill@yahoo.com)

February 27th 2021 Sugarloaf Spring Fling 25/50 Patrick, SC Kristi Johnson or Laura Synder laura.michelle.snyder@gmail.com 240-899-8152; 240-357-4614

February 27th 2021 Celebration 2021 FEI Lite 25/50/65/90 (Miles Only) Gold Meadow Farms, Dunnellon, FL RM Cheryl Van Deusen 386-566-4820, cvandeusen@gmail.com

March 11-13th 2021 Fun In The Sun (FITS) 25/25/50/75/100 , Williston, FL RM Gail Ransco 607-368-4011 Valarie Kanavy vkanavy@shentel.net 610-496-1726

March 27th-28th 2021 Scenic Spruce Creek Spring No Frills CTR END Elevator IDR/25/50 IDR/25, New Smyrna Beach, FL RM: Cheryl Van Deusen 386-566-4820, cvandeusen@gmail.com

April 10-11th 2021 McCulley Farms IR/25/50 2 Day 100 Endurance, Jennings FL RM KALEIGH L KOZDRAS (904) 994-8004,kayvonnieda@gmail.com

April 30-May 1 Broxton Bridge: IDR/25/50/65/100 END Let’s Have Fun Riding, Ehrhardt, SC RM: Cheryl Van Deusen 386-566-4820, cvandeusen@gmail.com

May 14-15th Yellowhammer 10 IDR/25/50 2 Day 100 Endurance/Ride & Tie, Fruithurst, AL @ Talladega Nat’l Forest-Warden Station Horse Camp RM Christo Dinkelmann, 678-850-6613 Endurance0715@gmail.com 

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